Grievance redress and complaints process

The South Australian Welfare Rights Centre attempts to offer the best service possible.  We understand that there are times when clients may be unhappy with our decisions or policies.  We value your feedback as it gives us the opportunity to try to make things right and to improve the way we work.

We try to resolve complaints as simply, quickly and fairly as possible.


If you just want to let us know about something good or bad in the way we have worked with you, visit our feedback page.

Complaints about us and getting redress

If it is more serious, first speak with the person involved.  Many complaints can be resolved by people talking together and our staff will listen to and respond to your concerns fairly and politely.

If it is not possible to resolve the matter at this level, you may ask to speak with the relevant supervisor.  Or you may also ask to speak to the Centre Manager.

If you like you can put your complaint in writing.  Address your concerns to:

The Manager
The South Australian Welfare Rights Centre
P O Box 3609
Rundle Mall,  SA  5000

We will respond to your concerns within a fortnight of receiving your letter.

If we have still not resolved your problem with us you may also write to the Chair of the South Australian Welfare Rights Centre Board at the above address.  A response from the Chair may take up to four weeks.

What sorts of things may I complain about?

  • we have breached your confidentiality
  • services have not been provided at the professional standards required
  • your personal rights have in some way been invaded
  • actions have been taken by us that constitute some form of unlawful or unreasonable discrimination
  • a conflict that has arisen through lack of communication or misunderstanding
  • a policy or a service of the South Australian Welfare Rights Centre
  • an action or piece of information produced by the South Australian Welfare Rights Centre.

The South Australian Welfare Rights Centre undertakes that we will:

  • treat all complaints seriously
  • hear complaints in a manner which is fair and reasonable
  • respect your privacy
  • respond to your concerns as quickly as possible
  • communicate with you as clearly as possible.