The work we do

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The South Australian Legal Rights Centre:

  • provides a free community service that encourages the participation of welfare recipients in gaining social justice.
  • advocates for people who are disadvantaged by poverty, sickness, disability, homelessness and who may be entitled to a social security or other welfare benefit.
  • promotes and provide access to information about social security and other welfare entitlements.
  • assists and encourages government and non-government services to help persons in need of social security and other welfare services.
  • increases awareness of social security and welfare rights, obligations and needs in South Australia.
  • collects data and undertake research into social security and welfare entitlements.
  • encourages and empowers volunteers to provide services to people who are disadvantaged by poverty, sickness, disability, homelessness and who may be entitled to a social security or other welfare benefit.
  • facilitates legal advice and representation for people using homelessness services.

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