Centrelink issues

Have you hit a snag with Centrelink and can’t seem to get it fixed?

It might be a disagreement over your benefit entitlements or a breach or other penalty they have imposed.   We may be able to help.

The South Australian Welfare Rights Centre is an independent, non-government organisation that helps people to receive their rights under social security law.

fact sheet graphic blue 60pxCheck out our up-to-date and easy to read fact sheets.  Likely as not, your issue has come up for many others and the right fact sheet will explain your rights and what are your options. Check out the fact sheets.

email image blue 60pxIf that doesn’t clear it up, you can leave us a message and we will get back to you by phone or email.  That way we can avoid keeping you waiting and, if you leave us some details, we will get back to help you at a convenient time. Leave us a message.

phone interview blue 60pxCalling our helpline will put you in touch with one our skilled advisors.  But please be patient,  demand for help can be high and your query cannot always answered at once. Talk to someone on our helpline.

interview graphic blue 60pxIn some locations we are able to offer a face-to-face service through our community partners.

housing graphic blue 60pxIf you are homeless, in danger of becoming homeless or need advice on a matter related to your housing, our Housing Legal Clinic might be able to help. Find out about the Housing Legal Clinic.

links graphic 60pxIf you need more general legal advice or are looking for a different service, check out our Other services page.

Feedback graphic 50px highWe live for your feedback!  Please let us know how we have done, good and bad, on our Feedback page.